SMBS - education for leaders

With its range of high quality courses, Salzburg Management GmbH - University of Salzburg Business School (SMBS) places itself at the top of the European vocational and advanced training market.

Cooperation with renowned and prestigious universities enable our students to take courses abroad, at top universities like Lomonosov University in Moscow, Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and Fudan University in Shanghai.

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SMBS - subsidiary of the University of Salzburg

Just as unique as the product portfolio, is the organizational infrastructure of SMBS: as a subsidiary of the University of Salzburg the SMBS perfectly combines synergy of science and industry.

Practical orientation and the important transfer of teaching in the everyday professional practice are living core values of didactic principles. This unprecedented attitude has already been rewarded by the FIBAA Accreditation Service with excellent merits.

SMBS - Accreditation and quality

The uncompromising quality standards of University of Salzburg Business School are reaffirmed by international accreditation, constant evaluation and quality control processes, as well as the highest standards in the selection of lecturers.