Part-Time Ph.D. / Dr. Programs

The SMBS - University of Salzburg Business School - as international renowned institute for part-time education, in cooperation with the USC - University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia and the University of Latvia, Riga also offers part-time doctoral programs.

The program is administered by SMBS. The research seminars take place in Salzburg/Munich and in Riga, Latvia. The academic degrees will be awarded by the USC - University of the Sunshine Coast or the University of Latvia.

Doctorate - and Ph.D. programs:

Ph.D. at the USC - University of the Sunshine Coast in Brisbane/Australia

Dr. in Management Science at University of Latvia, Riga

The most important facts about our Ph.D. program

Aim: Application and transfer-oriented research: Receive Ph.D. in the course of the research project with scientific problem definition.
Admission: Officially recognised master studies or comparable, officially recognised graduation from diploma studies; Assessment interview; limited amount of study places ("first come - qualified - first served" principle)
Title: Ph.D. (in AUT and GER "Dr." can also be indicated before the name. In Switzerland only Ph.D. after the name is permitted.
Didactics: Research project, continuous evaluations dual supervision by an SMBS professor from the German-speaking countries as well as a USC professor.
Duration: min. 6 semesters
Language: English