Philosophy of Research, Scientific Theory and Comprehensive Research Issues

This seminar introduces students to the philosphy of research, research ethics, approaches to framing questions and designing research, proposal writing, sampling, and data collection methods.

New Technologies, Methods, Data Processing and Presentation

Graduate-level introduction to critical issues in research methodology relevant to social sciences. Emphasis will be on theory-driven, qualitative and quantitative approaches to research.

Advanced Statistical Models

Students learn to analyze data in the performance of business research using linear statistical models. Students will formulate models, use software to determine optimal model  parameters, and analyze the results for validity.

Advanced Research Methods in Management and Economics

This course introduces students to linear regression models for the analysis of quantitative data and provides in-depth knowledge of advanced statistical methods, including SEM and econometric modeling.

Global Management Models in Human Resource / Organizational Behavior

This seminar explores the prominent perspectives of international theorists and researchers in HRM and OB literature. Students will work to build a foundation with which they can build their own research agendas regarding business management in a global context.

Global Leadership and Change

Traditional leadership theory is reviewed and contrasted with more recent models of effective leadership in a global context with a special emphasis on the leadership of organizational change.

Social Psychology and Group Processes

Graduate-level introduction to social and industrial-organizational psychology. Emphasis on major theories, issues, and literature regarding social psychology and organizational behavior in domestic and international contexts.

Advanced International Marketing Research

This course explores the complex environmental issues related to international marketing operations, including regional trade agreements, social, cultural, legal, and political dimensions, and market entry strategies. Moreover, the course gives an overview of recent trends in marketing research in an international context.

Organizational Theory

Graduate-level introduction to organizational theory, and its application to leadership, management, and the design of international and multi-national corporations.

Current Strategy Problems in Project Management

This is an advanced, managerially-oriented course which provides an overview of international strategy and management theory. Topics include the formulation of global strategies as well as the diagnosis of problems and opportunities in international markets.

Current Topics in Leadership

This course provides an overview and in-depth analysis of current issues and theoretical frameworks related to global business leadership.